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Bridgewater MA Martial Arts & Karate Studios

Here are girls and boys Martial Art & Karate Studios in Bridgewater MA

Bridgewater Martial Arts

27 Perkins St,
Bridgewater, MA 02324
(508) 697-4947


Bridgewater Martial Arts was established two decades ago. The school was first opened by Shawn Gallagher in an old mechanics bay and has been in its current location for over fourteen years.Shawn Gallagher and John Hatfield started their martial arts training in the early 70’s at the Brockton “United Studios of Self Defense”. This school offered an excellent form of martial arts known as Shaolin Kempo. John Hatfield became Shawn Gallagher’s private student in 1977 and and took over ownership of Bridgewater Martial Arts five years ago. Shawn and John have been providing the Bridgewater area with quality martial arts using a combined sixty years of experience.

Our dojo is dedicated to preserving traditional martial arts and giving an experience unlike other American programs. BMA attempts to provide it’s students with a truly beautiful experience rooted in the Asian tradition. Unlike many martial arts programs BMA is dedicated to providing the practitioner with a unique form of expression. The BMA student can expect to get a great workout while learning a proven form of self-defense.

The current school has over 5,000 square feet of space and is carpeted for safety with state of the art matting for extra protection. We are conveniently located in Bridgewater center. Although the classes are small we have the ability to accommodate large and special groups.

The younger student as well as the adult will reap the benefits of our “old school” training and approach to karate. Ingrained in our teaching method certain traits like honesty, humility, and character are emphasised. These personal traits will be useful in all aspects of life such as employment, personal relationships and of course school. Because of this teaching method BMA has been invited to join an international federation of martial arts schools. We are proud to be the only American school invited to participate in this federation.
We are dedicated to the community approach and have raised several thousand dollars for the students of the Bridgewater area schools. Our tournament held regularly is a great test of the students talent and has raised considerable amounts of money for the area school system.

Precision Tang Soo Do

350 Bedford Street,

Bridgewater, MA 02324

(508) 982-7524

Since 1980, Master Carl H. MacDermott III (6th Dan Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do) has taught Tang Soo Do, through MacDermott’s Tang Doo Do, to Southeastern Massachusetts. The four dojangs (schools) in Southeastern Massachusetts are in the towns of Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Middleboro and Taunton. Each school is comprised of one, or more, certified instructors that direct the operations of each class.
On January 1, 2011, MacDermott’s Tang Soo Do changed its name to Precision Tang Soo Do. The lessons, instructors, and core values stayed the same. In fact, the only thing that changed, along with the name, is Master Hile took over the administration of the schools. This change allows Master MacDermott to be able to concentrate all his Tang Soo Do time to teaching.


Easton MA Kids Dance and Performing Arts Classes

Here are girls and boys dance and performing arts classes in Easton MA

Dance Workshop

285 Washington Street
North Easton, MA 02356
(508) 238-8922

Dance Workshop would like to extend a warm and sincere welcome to you and your family. We believe that learning to dance can and should be fun. Our students start dancing as early as two years old and build long lasting friendships with their classmates and instructors. We hope that you will join the Dance Workshop family in Randolph or North Easton.


Dance Express

99 Eastman Street
South Easton, MA 02375
(508) 238-6101 


Dance Express was established in 1989. It is co-directed by Carol Pickering and her daughter Ann-Marie Basara. We take great pride in offering a fun and exciting atmosphere for dancers to learn and grow through dance education. We offer a variety of classes to all ages for both the recreational or competitive dancer. Our studio philosophy is centered on instilling a passion for the art of dance while building self-esteem and confidence in every child. The dancer’s self-esteem and well being is our priority; while their capability is secondary.


In the Wings Academy of Dance

479 Turnpike St
South Easton, MA
(774) 265-5026

Thank you for your interest in In the Wings Academy of Dance! We offer a wide variety of dance classes including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, and hip hop for ages 3 and up. At In the Wings, students of all ages and experience can receive a dance education in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.

Easton Children’s Theatre

97 Massapoag Ave
N, Easton, MA 02356

Easton Children’s Theatre is an award winning non-profit community theatre, working independently in cooperation with the Easton Public Schools. We also have tremendous support from area businesses.

Students aged nine to eighteen from both Easton and other communities may participate. Productions require an audition. (Except for summer camps which are by sign up, first come first serve.) There is a $100 participation fee per show, which covers the cost of the stage rental, the actor’s script, a CD of the music, a free DVD of the show, and the cast party at the end of the production.

Duxbury MA Kids Dance and Performing Arts Classes

Here are girls and boys dance and performing arts classes in Duxbury MA

Fontaine Academy Of Dance

27 Railroad Avenue
Duxbury, MA 02332

Welcome to the Fontaine Academy of Dance. It is my hope to give your child the joy and self-esteem that dancing can give. The benefits of dance are many: self-confidence, self-discipline, poise, new friends, new knowledge, and a great sense of achievement. These benefits can be shared by all students: those taking dance for fun, for exercise or for the competitive student.  We offer classes in Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Pointe and Hip-hop. We have a pleasant atmosphere in our studio and our students enjoy dancing while at the same time learning proper technique and artistry.

Kerry Youngstrom’s Gotta Dance Studio

62 Depot St,

Duxbury, Massachusetts

The GOTTA DANCE STUDIO Studio is dedicated to teaching all forms of dance in a fun, yet professional manner.  All students are encouraged to work hard and grow as dancers.  The curriculum encompasses ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop dance.  We end each year with a Spring Recital, which gives family and friends an opportunity to see the student’s accomplishments.  It also gives our dancers a chance to perfect their skills and build self esteem as they express themselves artistically

South Shore Conservatory

The Ellison Center for the Arts
64 St. George Street  P.O. Box 1523 Duxbury, MA 02331


South Shore Conservatory, bringing people together through the arts is our passion. For more than forty years we have inspired people on the south shore and beyond to embrace music, drama and dance. From the youngest students in our children’s music classes and arts-based preschool and kindergarten to students of all ages enrolled in individual music lessons or ensembles, we have something for everyone.

Our arts offerings extend beyond music, including drama classes, musical theatre, dance and ballet classes, music therapy and a variety of offerings in our Jazz/Rock/Pop Department. If you’re looking for first-rate concerts and performances, there is always something to enjoy at either of our state-of-the-art facilities in Duxbury and Hingham. Discover what is here for you!



Braintree MA Martial Arts & Karate Studios

Here are girls and boys Martial Art & Karate Studios in Braintree MA

Martial Arts Center for Personal Development 

119 Hancock St,
Braintree, MA 02184
(781) 848-5775

Our mission is to offer a center for mind and body development in pursuit of excellence through personal achievement and constant physical and mental improvement by maintaining the traditional martial arts training regimen.

The Martial Arts Center focuses on integrating martial arts into daily practice and building positive disciplined students, and providing practical learning experiences. We seek to balance body and mind through physical training and mental development. Our aim is to improve mental and physical self-discipline, inspire personal development, challenge creativity in adults, promote academic excellence in children, and increase the appreciation of a healthy mind and body. The Martial Arts Center is a symbol of commitment to personal growth through body and mind balance, discipline, and practice.

Our goal is to strengthen the mind and body and teach the importance of respect towards every individual. Through respect a student finds honor, a sense of accomplishment, courtesy, and the inner strength needed to succeed in every walk of life. We strive to utilize the finest instruction and facilities in order to provide students with the opportunity to reach their greatest potential.


Masters of Self Defense Centers

197 Quincy Ave,
Braintree, MA 02184
(781) 356-5425

Kenpo karate is a martial art that came to America through Hawaii from James Mitose in 1936. Mitose promoted six students to black belt, among them were William Chow and Thomas Young. William Chow changed the name from kempo to kenpo and is perhaps the person most responsible for promoting Kenpo karate or kempo karate in the United States. Grand master Edmund Parker brought kenpo karate to the mainland in 1954. For more kenpo karate history go to our kenpo history page.


At Masters Self Defense Centers you will receive the highest level of training available. Robert Nohelty and James Bryant are both 8th degree black belts in Kenpo Karate, and have been studying for over 40 years and teaching professionally since 1976. Not only is your black belt instructor constantly upgraded in all facets of the martial arts, but while you progress a shihan will oversee your evaluation and training. Your chief instructor and shihan combine their talents to form a team that is impossible to beat!

We offer a variety of events throughout the year. The martial arts training that you receive fosters self confidence, self respect, and physical coordination. These qualities can improve your day to day activities both inside the dojo and out. Therefore the instructors at Masters Centers strongly recommend that students participate in these events to enjoy the benefits of healthy competition, participation, and especially camaraderie.

Masters Centers offer group and private lessons, as well as tournaments, seminars in kenpo \ kempo as well as other styles of martial arts. People have joined the dojo’s for many reasons such as fitness, entertainment, self-defense, stress relief, and mental health. People of all ages will benefit from the exercise that kenpo \ kempo and the martial arts offer, both in group and private lessons.

We teach both empty hand Kenpo Karate and various martial arts weapons, such as sword, staff, sai’s, kama, tonfa and escrima. Some schools also offer tai chi as well as kick boxing. Almost no other form of exercise can be done at any time or any place without equipment as easily and as beneficial as the martial arts.

Professor Robert Nohelty, Professor James Bryant and the instructors would like to welcome you to our web site, and invite you to stop in any one of our locations for more information on kenpo karate and our schools. Check our upcoming link for seminars and tournaments.


Abington MA Martial Arts & Karate Studios

Here are girls and boys Martial Art & Karate Studios in Abington MA


Abington Martial Arts Academy

398 Brockton Ave, Abington, MA 02351
(781) 856-3227

My name is Chris Walsh, I began studying Kenpo Karate over 20 years ago, under Sifu Gary Haus, at the Shaolin Academy of Self Defense in Brockton.  He blended his Kenpo style with KungFu.  I learned a great deal from him as a teacher and as a person.  Sifu Haus eventually closed his Dojo and my new journey began.

The Abington Martial Arts Academy programs will be concentrated in Kenpo Karate. The classes are for ages 4-99 years of age.  The kids class is for ages 4- 10.  The Teen/Tween classes are for ages 11-17. And adult classes are for 18-99.  The Kids and Teen class schedules can be found on the schedules tab to the left.  Adult karate instruction is given by appointment.

Classes are also offered in Women’s Self Defense Classes, YOGA, & kickboxing.

I hold a black belt in Kenpo karate. I also am a full time firefighter/paramedic and hold the following medical certifications  as a result of my paramedic background, PALS, BTLS, & CPR certified.  I also am CORI certified as I also coach Youth Soccer for the Town of Abington.


Boston Taekwondo Abington

1501 Bedford Street
Abington MA 02351

Master Joe Pina is the head instructor and founder of Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy here in Abington, Massachusetts. Master Pina has over 40 years of Martial Arts experience and has earned the rank of 8th Dan in Boston Tae Kwon Do as well as the rank of 4th Dan in Karate. He has also studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and the art of Muy Thai.

Master Pina has trained several U.S. and World Champions. He is currently the coach of the Cape Verdean Olympic Team in the sport of Tae Kwon Do and truly has a passion for learning and sharing the benefits of Martial Arts with others!

Our Academy is truly committed to providing a non–intimidating, positive, and safe environment for our students to learn. Students will achieve many different skills and techniques and will feel a sense of accomplishment. No matter what abilities you are made of, our staff guarantees you that you will be treated with common courtesy, recognition, and respect. We are here to help you! We will be with you every step of the way in helping you achieve all of your goals. We want our students to grow here at Boston Tae Kwon Do academy and succeed!

Strength, Confidence and the art of self-defense are just some of the benefits our students can achieve here at Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy in Abington, MA. We offer instruction for men, women and children in the field of Martial Arts –Fitness Kickboxing –and Self Defense with the incorporation of Krav Maga and Muy Thai.

Our staff of instructors here in Abington, MA is extremely qualified and will become role models to their students. Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy will strive to make sure our students are learning, building endurance, and having a great time.