Temptationless Bank Holiday Gift Ideas

Now that the Christmas  Holiday season is upon us why not give the timeless gift of saving money? Teach a special child in your life not only to save for something special but to learn discipline and the value of a dollar. Temptationless Bank makes saving money fun and gives children the confidence of accomplishment.

Temptationless Bank Holiday Gift Ideas South Shore boston

Did you know…
Temptationless Bank can hold approximately:
$40,000 in five dollar bills
$8,000 in one dollar bills
$3,000 in quarters
$2,700 in dimes
$500 in nickels
$200 in pennies
Currently available in 4 colors!
Pink – Blue – Gold – Graphite

Temptationless Bank is a personal savings bank made from a special blend of hardened plastic and durable resin, this bank won’t open easily.

For more information on how get to your savings once your bank is full visit us on the web at temptationlessbank.com or check out our display at New England Appliance at 165 Wood Road in Braintree and walk out with one of the greatest gifts you could ever give this Holiday Season. Take the temptation out of saving with

Temptationless Bank!  1-833-233-BANK.




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