Earth Day Celebration at the Hanover Mall 2017

The Hanover Mall will be hosting a free Earth Day celebration on Saturday April 22nd  from 12-5pm in conjunction with the South Shore Children’s Museum.   FREE Admission   however  does not include admission to the South Shore Children’s Museum.Earth Day Celebration at the Hanover Mall 2017

Lots of fun crafts and booths to learn about environmental stewardship and learning about nature.  WBZ radio brings KidCast to Earth Day.  WBZ NewsRadio for being our Media Sponsor and bringing this fun FREE event to the South Shore.

The South Shore children;s museum will be accepting

Want to help Mother Earth? Consider recycling your electronics!

Televisions can be discarded for $25.

Computers, VCRs/DVDs, window air conditioners, printers/copiers, fax machines, and humidifiers can be disposed of for $10.

Cellphones ($1)
computer monitors($8)