Discount Movie theatre deals South of Boston

Frugal Movie going on the South Shore

Going to the movies shouldn’t destroy your budget. These days, it’s not hard to spend $11 on a movie ticket, and goodness knows how much more for popcorn and other snacks. With that in mind, here are some pocket friendly theaters South of Boston. And yes, do they have many of the latest releases. Keep in mind that some discount theaters are cash only. If you know of others, please tell us about them in the comments below.

Discount Movie theatre deals South of Boston

Cameo Theaters / Cinemas, South Weymouth, MA

The Weymouth Cameo is perfect for everyone who wants to see current movies at bargain prices.

General Admission Adults – $7.00
Children under 12 – $5.00
Seniors (65 & over) – $5.00
Matinees (shows before 6pm) – All Seats $5.00
BARGAIN TUESDAYS – All Seats $4.50

Mill Wharf Cinemas, Scituate Harbor, MA

BARGAIN TUESDAYS – All Seats $6.00

East Bridgewater Cinemas  Route 18 

BARGAIN TUESDAYS – All Seats $6.00

Patriot Cinemas Loring Hall, Hingham, MA

SUPER TUESDAYS !! All Seats for All Shows – $5.00

Patriot Cinemas at the Hanover Mall

SUPER TUESDAYS !! – All Seats for All Shows – $5.00*

*3D Movies- $3.00 Premium Fee for all Admissions

Patriot cinemas at Hingham Shipyard 

Daily Bargain Matinees until 6:00pm – All Seats $6.00*
SUPER TUESDAYS !! – All Seats for All Shows – $5.00*

*3D Movies- $3.00 Premium Fee for all Admissions


Showcase Cinemas  Randolph, Attleboro, Dedham, Foxboro

Looking for a bargain? Bargain Tuesday admission is $8.00*  

Bargain Tuesdays discount admission applies to all movies including Directors Hall auditoriums.  *Admission for XPlus, IMAX®, IMAX® 2D, IMAX® 3D, and Digital 3D formats is $10.00.
*Admission for MX4D format is $16.00.

For our patrons, age 60 and older, we offer Senior Wednesdays. Discounted admission is $6.50*

Plus enjoy a popcorn & soda for only $3.50