South Shore’s Best Burger 2015

Who doesn’t love a good juicy burger?  Ever since  a German cook, Otto Kuase, created a very popular sailors’ sandwich made of a beef patty fried in butter served with a fried egg between two toasted buns in 1891 in Hamburg, Germany. It was called the “deutsches Beefsteak,” German for “German beefsteak.”


Who has the best burger on the South Shore? There is a mix here of fancier ones as well your typical burger with your topping.  What makes a good burger?  We believe the best judge of a great business is YOU!, not some out of touch panel of judges.-check out the other Best of the South Shore 2015 

  • Ratio of burger to bun-you don’t want to be saying “Where’s the beef?”
  • Quality of meat patty
  • Fresh Roll
  • Structural integrity -not overflowing.  Who wants to have to wear a bib
  • Topping are fresh, juicy tomato, smokey bacon, etc

The  top 5 are

Nosh Tavern Plymouth 29%
Slap-Shotz Family Sports Pub Avon & Raynham 18%
Stars on Hingham Harbor 15%
KKatie’s Burger Bar -Plymouth & Marshfield 15%
New World Tavern Plymouth 6%